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4 Things to Know About Sewer Camera Inspections

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If you've been having plumbing problems at your house, such as a recurring sewer clog, a plumber might want to do a sewer camera inspection. If you've never had one of these inspections done before, you might wonder what's involved and why it's necessary. Here are four things to know about getting a sewer camera inspection.

1. A Camera Is Sent Down the Sewer Drain

When a plumber does a video inspection of your sewer drain, they attach a small video camera to a flexible rod that's then threaded through the drain. This camera sends back high-definition videos that the plumber can see as the camera moves through the pipe. The camera has a bright light attached so the pipe lights up and the plumber can clearly see the sides of the pipe to look for signs of trouble. The flexible rod is wound around a wheel so it can be fed all the way to the end of the drain so the entire sewer line can be examined.

2. You Can See the Videos and Photos

If you're not present at the time, the plumber can save the videos and take stills of damaged areas to show you later. This helps you understand what type of damage you need to repair. Once the repairs are done, the plumber might do another video inspection so you can verify all the damages were repaired properly.

3. The Camera Detects Clogs and Cracks

The reason for sending a camera down the pipe is to find areas where the pipe might be cracked or collapsed. The camera can also find if tree roots fill the drain and are responsible for your clog problem. Once the plumber has this information, they can repair the problems and get your plumbing back in good shape.

4. The Camera Also Locates the Damaged Areas

Since the camera goes under the ground and follows curves in the pipe, the plumber can't really tell where the camera is at any point in time. They may see a crack, but they wouldn't know where it is just by watching the video. Fortunately, a sewer camera has a radio transmitter on it that lets the plumber know the location of damage when it's seen. This is essential information because it tells the plumber precisely where to dig and how deep to go if it's necessary to make repairs.

A sewer camera inspection provides so much useful information. A video inspection can be used to determine the reason for plumbing problems and it can also be used to learn the condition of the pipes so you know if they might need to be replaced or repaired soon. Contact local plumbers to learn more.