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Obvious Signs That A New Water Heater Is Required

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In almost every home today, you'll find a water heater system. This unit uses energy to bring water up in temperature. Like a lot of appliances in homes today, water heaters won't last forever. You'll know to replace your unit if the following signs are present.

Severe Leaking

Since water is inside the water heater tank, leaks are naturally going to be something you worry about. A water heater working in great shape shouldn't leak at all. If yours is, then it's probably a good move to have it replaced.

If you neglect to do this and the leak continues, you're only making matters worse for yourself. Water damage will get more severe by the day, and then what could have been a hundred dollars in repairs may now cost thousands. Save yourself this worry and just find a new water heater if the leaking is beyond repair.

Old Age

Every water heater unit today will have a projected lifespan. The common age of these units tends to fall around a decade, give or take a couple of years. If your unit has reached this age, then you might want to think about a replacement.

Water heaters that are much older won't be able to work like they should. Instead, they'll break down on a frequent basis and that's not ideal for any homeowner because these repairs aren't free to fix. Some of them are really expensive. What's the point of spending this much if the heater is just going to break down soon after the repair technician gets done?

Poor Heating Performance

If it's evident that your water heater is no longer producing hot water or the water isn't warm for very long, then that's probably a sign you need to replace this unit. Parts may no longer be able to work correctly, such as heating elements or a damaged tank because of sediment buildup. 

Just make sure you have your water heater inspected by someone skilled, just in case the poor heating performance can still be fixed. If it can't, at least you'll know and can look for a new unit without any hesitation. 

Water heaters are a necessity for residential properties today. Eventually, your current unit will reach the end of its life cycle. This is normal and you shouldn't worry. You can just know when this point is reached and then respond accordingly with a replacement. 

For help with your water heater installation, talk to a local plumber today. They'll even be able to advise you on which one to buy!