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4 Reasons to Have a Plumber Inspect Your Old House Before Renovation

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You adore your vintage house, but you know renovations are inevitable. Before you get started with your big plans for the changes and improvements you will make, it is best to have a plumber come in for an inspection.

Here is a look at some of the reasons this kind of inspection is important. 

You'll learn if your pipes need to be replaced. 

The pipes throughout the house that make up the main plumbing system will be the first thing the plumber looks at during an inspection. It is not uncommon for old houses to have pipes that are not made out of the safest materials, and deterioration of these pipes is also a common find. During the inspection, the plumber can advise you on if you will need a full-system renovation. 

You'll learn if there has been water damage that needs to be tackled. 

You may suspect water damage, but it can also be hard to pinpoint if there are a lot of other issues in an old house. Plumbers have a keen eye for signs of water damage, whether it is in the walls where it can't be seen or somewhere obvious like around the floors. A thorough assessment is important because water damage that's left to sit can lead to massive problems during the renovation process. You'll want to know about it as soon as you get started.

You'll learn if you can keep any of your old fixtures. 

Maybe you have a vintage claw-foot tub that you just adore, or perhaps there are old-fashioned bidets and sinks in the bathroom. As much as you want to keep these treasures, it is common for many of them to need replacement in your old house. For example, having a sink made from lead components means you will likely have to get rid of the fixture to avoid lead exposure. The plumber can let you know: 

  • What items are safe to hang onto 
  • Which items could potentially be restored 
  • What items are deteriorated beyond repair

You'll learn about how to maintain integrity with new replacements. 

It is natural to want to keep a vintage home looking like a vintage home, and as already noted, that can be possible in some cases. In addition to showing you what fixtures you can keep in place during renovation, the plumber you hire can also offer guidance on new replacement fixtures that can maintain that old-house look.