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3 Things You Need To Know About Submersible Well Pumps As A New Well Owner

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If you invest in a remote property or home, there is a pretty good chance that the only access to water you will have available will be from a private well. Learning the ins and outs of well function and operation may seem overwhelming at first, but if you can get to know just the basics if your submersible well pump, you will be much more equipped as a new well owner. Here is a look at a handful of things you need to know about your submersible well pump as a new well owner. 

Submersible well pumps boast an incredibly long lifespan. 

There are essentially two forms of well pumps, a deep-well pump (more commonly known as a submersible well pump) and the jet well pump, which is situated above the ground. Submersible well pumps are usually the most preferred because they have a long life span. Some pumps, when well maintained and if the well is not filled with sediment, can last as long as 25 years. 

Submersible well pumps will show signs of problems in the house when something is wrong. 

Because the well pump is located inside of the well, you may think it will be difficult to tell when something is wrong. However, this is actually not the case. In most situations you can diagnose submersible well pump problems by water flow experiences in the house. For example, when a submersible well pump is not low enough into the well, you will get a lot of sputtering when you turn on the faucet. 

You can actually invest in a solar-powered submersible well pump. 

Even though the amount of electric power a submersible well pump uses is usually minimal in comparison to how much you would pay for public water service, this can be a concern for some well owners who want to keep their water supplication costs as low as possible. Thankfully, solar-powered well pumps are an option in these situations. Submersible pumps which are solar-powered have a solar panel situated above ground to harness energy and deliver it to the pump and keep it going. 

The fact is, owning a well for the first time will definitely have you with a lot of questions and concerns. If you would like to know more about submersible well pumps, make sure you talk to a residential plumber, like one from Watson Plumbing, skilled with water wells and pumps for advice and information.