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Odor No More: Ways To Make Portable Restrooms Smell Better

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If you are planning a party or event, a portable toilet is a convenient way to ensure you have enough facilities for guests. The problem is that some may worry about the odors that can accompany a porta-potty at a busy function. There are many ways to keep your portable restroom smelling fresh and sweet, and also some tips to make it more alluring for guests and visitors.

Some ways to make your porta-potty smell better are:

Essential oils. A shallow dish of your favorite essential oil is ideal for scenting the small space inside a portable rest room. You won't need to warm the oil for it to diffuse the aroma throughout the bathroom quite rapidly. Some scents that are strong enough for use around a toilet are balsam, clove, mint, and lemon oils.

Fresh flowers. Another way to make your portable toilet fragrant and classy is with a big bouquet of fresh flowers. Set them near the mirror or hand-washing station, and use blooms that are noted for being especially fragrant. Some great options that will scent the air and make the porta-potty smell lovely include:

  • Lilacs.
  • Gardenias.
  • Roses.
  • Jasmine

Another option is to create a bouquet using fresh cut herbs; use stems of mint, lemon balm, basil, and sprigs of rosemary for a green arrangement that makes the space smell sweet.

Tank deodorizers. When you rent your porta-potty, ask the vendor about tank deodorizing agents that will keep the chemical-smell out of your party or event. These are often offered in both liquid and powder form, which you add to the tank of the potty to cut down on odors. Tank deodorizers are found in a wide variety of scents, such as vanilla, cherry, pine, and citrus.

A fan. A small battery-operated fan can help move the chemical smell of a porta-potty outside. This helps to circulate the air inside the rest room and will make stale odors move on more quickly.

Fabric sheets. Fabric sheets can be a quick-fix when you want to make a portable rest room smell fresh. Tuck these around the potty, such as under hand towels or beneath a small throw rug on the floor. They will quickly bring a long-lasting fragrance to the porta-potty until you remove the sheets to throw them away.

Portable toilets can save a lot of traffic in your home when you are planning a party or event; this also ensures that you have enough rest room facilities to accommodate your guest list. Make your porta-potty inviting by stocking it well with high-end tissue, soaps, and sanitizer, and make sure it smells fresh and clean with these suggestions. To learn more, contact a company like AAA Pumping Service.