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What To Do About A Kitchen Sink With Frequent Clogs

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Does your kitchen sink clog frequently for no apparent reason? Have you bought the right kind of sink plunger and that still provides little assistance? The clog might be deeper down the line, which requires more heavy-duty tools. Below are a few ideas you can try to remove those clogs from your kitchen sink and to prevent the clogs from happening so frequently in the future.

Buy A Drain Auger

A drain auger is essentially a long, kink-proof compression cord attached to a manual handle. You want to make sure to buy the regular drain or cable auger and not the closet or toilet auger because the latter has a cable that's a lot shorter. A drain auger is an affordable and valuable part of the drain cleaning process.

You simply feed one end of the cable down into your drain and start to turn the handle so that the cable continues to feed further and further down. Keep going until you run out of cable or run into a blockage the cable can't push through.

If you didn't hit a hard blockage, you can retrieve the cable – and loosen the clog – by turning the handle in the opposite direction while also pulling upwards until the end of the cable comes out. If you did hit a hard blockage, call in a plumber for help.

Install A Garbage Disposal

Food debris is one of the most common causes of kitchen sink clogs. You can prevent those clogs from happening in the future by installing a garbage disposal. The disposal ensures that food is ground up small enough to easily pass through your plumbing and out your waste lines.

You can buy garbage disposals at any hardware store and most are easy to install if you follow the included installation guide. Or you can ask the hardware store or a plumber to install the garbage disposal for you.

Hire A Drain Cleaning Service

If you experience frequent clogs in your kitchen sink and elsewhere in your home, you might want to call out a drain cleaning service to diagnose the problem. A plumber can check to see if there are any major blockages in the main pipes and discover whether the cause is backed up waste, mineral buildups, or damage to the pipe itself.

A plumber from a company like R Acres Plumbing Company LLC might be able to fix the clogging problem for good by replacing a few pipes or rerouting a poorly designed waste disposal layout. The fee for the service call will be well worth the lack of clogged drains in the future.