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The ABCs Of Preparing For A Lengthy Plumbing Project At Home

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Even though most residential plumbing projects can be accomplished within a few hours when you hire a professional, there will always be those major occasions when there is a plumbing problem that will require more time to complete. If you are facing a major plumbing task at your house, it will make everything easier to handle and less interruptive to your daily life if you are appropriately prepared. There is an ABC rule set to keep in mind to help you get ready for a lengthy plumbing project before the plumber arrives to get started.

Always make sure you have plenty of water on hand.

Before the project is scheduled to start, go ahead and pick up a few cases or gallons of bottled water or fill up a few containers you already have at home. While your water is off, you and your family will need water for drinking, cleaning up, washing hands, and a variety of other tasks. It is a good idea to figure one gallon of water for every person for every day that you will be without water in the house.

Be sure to make alternative bathroom arrangements if necessary.

If you and your family will not have use of the toilet while a plumbing job is taking place, such as work on a septic system, make sure you make alternative arrangements. Otherwise, you will be left having to take trips to the nearest relative or public restroom a lot. Talk to a close neighbor and ask if your household can use their restroom for a few days or even consider renting a portable toilet temporarily, which usually only costs between $100 to $175 for a weekend or few days of rental.

Create simple meal plans and get the food prepared for cooking in advance.

Make sure you plan meals for while your water will be off for the project. Opt for simple items that don't need a lot of water or don't require a lot of clan up, such as frozen pizza, sandwiches, or salads. If you do have something in mind that will need water for preparation, such as pasta or soup, prepare your kettle in advance with the needed water and pop it in the fridge.

Don't forget to grab some wet wipes at the store.

When you have no water ready and available from your faucets, wet wipes can be a major convenience. Grab a few containers of baby wipes for cleaning hands and faces as needed and grab a packages few disinfectant wipes for cleaning in a pinch. Now, sit back and wait for help, perhaps from Roto-Rooter, to arrive.