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4 Most Essential Plumbing Tools And Materials For Common Repairs And Emergencies

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When something goes wrong with your plumbing, you are probably going to call the plumber. However, there may be times when a plumber cannot come to your home right away, or when you may need to deal with small repairs on your own. For these situations, it is important to have the right plumbing tools and materials. Here are some of the most essential tools and materials you will want to have in your home:

1. Home Improvement Toolbox With Essential Plumbing Tools

You will want to have a home improvement toolbox to do small repairs in your home. This box should include the essential plumbing tools. A set of screw drivers can be good for loosening clamps and other connections. Small torches or a soldering iron can help repair a leaking water line, and a crescent wrench can be used to loosen plumbing fittings.

2. Keeping Tape, Sealants And Connections To Do Minor Repairs

There are also many types of tapes, gaskets and sealants that can come in handy. Teflon tape can be used to seal leaks and make pipe connections water tight. You may also want to have adhesives for connection PVC pipe, as well as some of the most common rubber gaskets to replace worn out gaskets.

3. Drains, Pipes And Plumbing Materials To Do An Emergency Repair

Sometimes, you may need to replace a small section of pipe. This can happen with sinks and other drain lines. You may want to look at the size pipe for the kitchen sink and water lines. Keep extra pipe and drains in your repair kit to help deal with small problems with sinks and water lines in your home.

4. Keys, Snakes And Plungers To Deal With Water And Clogged Drains

Dealing with drain clogs can be frustrating. Sometimes, a simple tool like a plunger can solve the problem. When something is stuck deep in a drain, a plumbing snake can grab it and pull it out to remove a clog. You may also want a key for the water service, which can be used if you have a problem with burst pipes during a winter freeze.

These are some of the most essential plumbing materials you want to have available in your home. They are great to have on hand for any plumbing you plan on doing on your own. If you have a plumbing emergency, contact an HVAC professional like Bishop Plumbing, Heating and Cooling to help you with the problems that are too big for you to fix on your own.