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Do You Use Electric Baseboards To Heat Your Home? Here Are A Few Ideas That Might Help You Save Money On Your Heating Bills

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Like many people who have electric baseboards in their homes, you might not know that there are things you can do to keep your heating bills under control. Use the following ideas to help keep costs down while heating your house during the cold months.

Remove Debris from the Baseboards

You might have never even taken more than a passing glance at the electric baseboards, so you may not even notice that over time, dust, pet hair and other debris can build up on them. When this happens, your baseboards don't work as effectively as they could. As a result, your thermostat may need to be set at a higher temperature and your heating bills might be higher than they need to be.

To help lower your bills, it may help to make sure your baseboards are clean. To do this, turn your heat off and take your vacuum's handheld attachment to suck any debris out of the baseboards. You might also want to run a damp cloth over the top of the baseboards as well; wait for them to dry before turning the heat back on.

Plug Air Drafts

Air drafts in your house can cause you to turn up the thermostat in your house and keep your baseboards working overtime. To avoid this, it's a good idea to go through your house and look for places where air is entering your home. For instance, if you move your hand along the edges of a window, you might discover that you feel a bit of a breeze blowing into the room from a particular spot. You might notice that air is coming into your house along the bottom of your front door as well. Wherever air is getting into your house, you need to plug these air drafts if you want a lower heating bill. 

Switch on Your Ceiling Fan

Another thing you can do to help your baseboards heat the house well is to enlist the help of your ceiling fan. Warmer air tends to rise, so the warmest air in a room is usually up near the ceiling. To move that air down into the living space where you can feel it, set your fan blades to rotate in a clockwise manner. If you turn on the fan and the blades are going in the other direction, check out the housing of the fan's motor. There should be a switch you can push so that the blades rotate properly.

Use the suggestions in this article to lower heating bills when you have baseboards. If these tips don't seem to help, your baseboards might need to be repaired. Get in touch with a heating contractor, like Mitchell Plumbing & Heating Inc, who can help you determine where the problem lies.