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Does Your Home Have Hard Water? Two Things You Should Know About It

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If your home has hard water, it may be a potential problem that can destroy your appliances, while also affecting the quality of the drinking water. The cause of hard water is groundwater with high levels of metal in it, which requires the need for a home water softening system to eliminate it. Here are 2 things about having hard water you need to know.

1. Hard Water Is Not Good For Appliances

There are several appliances in your home that depend on water, such as a washing machine, dishwasher, drinking water dispenser, and even your coffee maker. The mineral deposits found in the water will make their way through these appliances every time you use them. It will eventually cause a buildup of minerals, and a big enough buildup can cause an appliance to stop working. You can try using a sodium based decalcifying solution that can break up the large calcium deposits found in your small appliances, which might save them from becoming damaged.

One of the most expensive items that can be damaged due to hard water is your home's water heater. Hard water can create limescale, which affects your water heater's ability to heat water. It will cause an inefficiency that will increase your energy bills, and decrease the lifespan of the water heater since it needs to work much harder than it otherwise would.

2. Hard Water Can Leave A Film Behind On Items

If you regularly use your dishwasher, you may notice that a white film is appearing on your glasses and plates over time. This film is due to those mineral deposits in the hard water. The hard water actually interferes with how effective the soap is at cleaning your dishes, and the heat assists in releasing the minerals in the water. It's a combination that leads to the appearance that your dishes are not actually clean.

You'll even see it in other places, like a water pitcher that you frequently use, or on the bottom of your bathtub. Without a water filtration system, you'll always be fighting a battle with this white film.

The solution to all of these problems is to get a whole home water softening system installed. Reach out to a plumber, such as Mike Hensley Plumbing Inc, in your area for a consultation, since they can acquire and install the water softener for you. It could be the key in saving the appliances in your house, and having dishes that look clean again.