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What to Do If You Have Sewer Issues in Your Lateral Line

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You are responsible for any plumbing issues that arise in your lateral line. The lateral line is your sewer's private connection to the public sewer line, and can extend beyond your home and under public sidewalks and streets until it is finally connected to your community's main line. If you have plumbing issues with your sewer, you don't want to have to pay for repairs if they are not in your own lateral line, since any problems with the main line should be paid for by the city. Here is what you need to do if you believe you have sewer problems with your lateral line.

Call the city

If you have any sewer issues and the problem is with the main line, you will most likely not be the only one who is affected by the problem. The first thing you should do is call the city and ask if any other homeowners have reported issues with plumbing blockages or lack of water in your area. Your city officials can make note of your complaint and see if other people are having the same issues you are. They will also send out a plumber to inspect their main line near your home to see if the main line is the issue or not. You need to determine if your plumbing problems are in your own personal sewer line or in the main line so repairs can be made correctly. Again, any main line issues that are affecting your lateral line should be paid for by the city, not you.

Hire a plumber

If the city has determined that the main line your lateral sewer line is connected to is in good condition, you will need to call a plumber to check your lateral line. This is a cost you will have to pay for on your own, since your lateral line is your private property. Even if your lateral line has a blockage under the road or near the sidewalk, the problem is still your responsibility to repair. Your plumber can attempt to snake any blockages out of your lateral line, or they can inspect the interior of your line for any cracks or damage in the pipes that may be causing your problem.

Get city permission for large repairs

Not only do you have to hire someone to perform sewer lateral repair services for you, you need to make sure that all repairs are done under the control and permission of your city. If you have to have your lateral line repaired under a road or under sidewalks, your city officials will need to give your plumber permission to do the work and may require that you hire contractors to remove road debris and repair sidewalks when the work is completed.

Having issues with your lateral sewer line can be a costly and frustrating experience. Since you must work with the city to determine what your issue is and who is responsible for repairs, it's important that you perform the right steps when you attempt to diagnose and repair your lateral line. For further information or help, contact a professional service like Drainline Plumbing & Sewer Specialist.