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Three Times You Should Call An Emergency Plumber

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Fixing leaks and small plumbing issues on your own may seem like an easy way to save money, but inexperienced homeowners can often end up causing even more damage to their plumbing systems. Knowing when to call a professional can mean the difference between a quick, inexpensive fix and a major plumbing project. Here are three situations where you are better off calling an expert.

Hot Water Problems

If you find you are suddenly out of hot water, there may be a problem with your hot water heater. Attempting to repair a gas hot water heater on your own can be dangerous, especially if you aren't sure about how to shut off the gas to your home or how to light the pilot light. An emergency plumber can quickly diagnose the problem and make any needed repairs safely. Your plumber will also be able to differentiate between a malfunctioning water heater (one that delivers no hot water at all) and one that needs to have its temperature settings adjusted (the water doesn't get warm enough).

Leaking Toilets

Depending on the type of toilet leak you are experiencing, your toilet could be causing water damage to your floors. An emergency plumber will be able to diagnose whether or not your toilet has a broken seal, which could cause water to leak through the floors. You may be able to successfully plunge a toilet that overflows when flushed, but a plumber can get to the root of the problem, which may end up being a serious blockage. Keep your hands clean and your home free from water damage by calling an emergency plumber right away if you spot an issue with your toilet.

Sewer Backups

If left unattended, sewer system backups can lead to a messy and expensive problem in your home. If you notice a strong sewer smell, bubbling or gurgling coming from your toilets and sinks or if there is suddenly a pool of water around the drains in your basement, you should call a plumber immediately. These are all signs of a sewer backup, which can lead to your home being flooded with raw sewage. Your plumbing contractor will know how to handle a backup before it becomes a problem.

When it comes to home plumbing repairs, it's almost always better to call a professional. You'll be able to rest easy knowing that the repairs are being performed correctly, plus you won't have to do any of the manual labor on your own.