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Boiler Blockage: Why You Do NOT Want To Perform Your Own Heating Repair

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Boiler blockage is not an uncommon problem, especially when you swap out an old boiler for a new one. Typically, what blocked up the old boiler will cause your new boiler to block up too, creating a lot of frustration and extra heating repair calls to fix the problem. Particles of rust, magnatite and other hard water minerals create not only a problematic block in your boiler's pipes and heat exchanger plate, but also present a very dangerous situation that could cause your boiler to blow. There are some very valid reasons why you do NOT want to perform this type of heating repair yourself.

Built up Pressure and Boiling Water Equals Burns

Plumbers know how to reduce the pressure inside a blocked boiler so that when they open up the system to check the heat exchanger they are not burned by the boiled water behind the blockage. Since you do not have the same training, attempting to release the pressure yourself, or opening the boiler up to perform your own repairs, will result in first, second, and/or third degree burns. Save yourself a trip to the emergency room and hire a plumbing and heating expert. It is less expensive than the trip to the ER and less painful too.

You Do Not Have the Correct Tools 

Blocked boiler lines can be flushed, but not by hooking your garden hose up to some port and turning the water on. Most of the tools you have available to you in your home are not the tools a professional would use to fix the problem, nor are they the tools a professional would recommend even if you had the skills to fix your boiler yourself. Using the incorrect tools with a lack of skills can cause more damage to your boiler, which translates into an even bigger bill when you finally break down and call a plumber to fix your boiler.

Disassembled and Reassembled Boilers Require Accuracy

If you are the type of person who takes something apart, puts it back together and then has leftover parts, you definitely should not be doing your own heating repairs. Boilers and their parts, especially where the heat exchangers and blockages are concerned, need to be put back together correctly. Missing a part or missing a step could equal a major disaster for both you and the boiler. Following a DIY article from the internet is not a guarantee that you will be able to accomplish the job like a pro either. Call a plumber to get the job done right.