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Vacation Rentals--Keeping Guests Happy And Drains Unclogged

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If you own a vacation rental home, oftentimes guests will expect everything to be in working order or at least to the level they are accustomed. This might lead to an array of plumbing issues in an older home. If you are constantly getting calls from your house guests about clogged drains and paying for emergency plumbers, here are four tips to keep drains clean and guests happy.

1. List off the Limitations of the Home's Plumbing

If your rental home has a septic tank or is in an older building that has 100 year old pipes, someone coming from a modern home might not understand possible plumbing limitations. Be sure to mention this and advise for guests to keep drain catchers in place and not to put feminine hygiene products down the toilet. This can be outlined in a welcome email or instruction manual at the house.

2. Label Your Garbage Disposal

Some folks might not have a garbage disposal back at home, and might think that everything can just go down the drain when preparing meals. Especially if your plumbing is older or your garbage disposal isn't brand new, leave up a few guidelines to help your guests. Reminders to try to compost as much as possible, especially eggshells and coffee grinds, will help alleviate drain clogs.

3. Rules for the Pool

If your rental home has a pool or hot tub, encourage guests to shower beforehand and to keep hair up. This will keep your filter clear and keep hair from clogging the drain. Hot tub and pool drain clogs can be hard to fix and can involve a pool specialist rather than a plumber. Guests won't understand that they may have actually caused the blockage leading to murky water and complaints.

4. General Maintenance

Part of the cleaning and prepping process in between guests should also be to check drains and toilets to make sure everything is in working order. If some quick liquid drain cleaner can keep things flowing, this is a good idea between visits. If there are larger plumbing issues that you have been putting off, such as multiple clogged drains or water backing up into other plumbing, have a professional come out and help troubleshoot your issues.

Emergencies are going to happen, and your plumber might have to make some emergency visits here and there to a vacation rental. The more that you can do to educate your guests on common problems and do your part with upkeep, the better time your vacation renters will have.

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