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3 Signs Your Home Water Softening System Is In Need Of Professional Attention

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Having a hard water problem in your home is anything but a simple issue. From causing excess sediment in your water-related appliances, to leaving your skin with a sticky residue, too much calcium, magnesium, and other minerals are a major nuisance. A water softening system is the most logical solution for hard water, and in most cases, a good unit will work well without problems for a long time. However, occasionally problems will come up that will require professional attention. Here are three of the most recognizable signs that your water softener is in need of maintenance or repair.

Symptom: Water softener is not using salt as it normally does.

In any water softening system, sodium is used in the form of salt to neutralize the heavy minerals in the water. This will require regularly adding more salt or a brine solution to the brine tank of the water softening system. How long the salt will last will vary, depending on how many gallons of water run through the system and the type of unit you have. If the water softener is not working, you may see a decline in how often you have to refill salt levels in the brine tank.

Symptom: You start to see apparent signs of hard water even though you have a water softener.

Older systems are notorious for suddenly quitting without a lot of indication that anything is wrong. You may not immediately recognize that the unit has quit, but you will start to see signs of hard water eventually. This may be a whitish residue on your sink or washer, or an unusual taste when you grab a glass of water from the sink. The sudden halt in function usually means that one of the many filters or ionizers in the unit has failed and will have to be replaced. 

Symptom: You hear water running through the system, but the water is turned off.

The water softening unit is designed to pump incoming water through to your faucets on demand. So, you will not usually hear water running through the softening unit until you turn on the faucet. If you start hearing water running through the unit even though you are not using the water, it is likely that the water pump is going bad.

If you see signs that your water softener is not working as it should, it is best to contact a professional, like those represented at http://www.optimumplumbingllc.com, right away. Doing so could be the difference in whether you have to replace the whole unit or just make simple repairs.