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How Can A Bathroom Remodel Help With Your Pest Problem?

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There are many reasons to invest in a bathroom remodel, from a more effective use of space to a more pleasing aesthetic. But did you know that a remodel may also be just what you need to combat your pest problem? Your bathroom is one of the top spots for insects, rodents, and other pests in your home, primarily because it is a never-ending source of water. You can't do without water in a bathroom, so the trick is to make your bathroom as comfortable as possible for human residents while simultaneously being as uncomfortable as possible for pests. 

When it comes time to call in the professionals for a remodel, keep these potential problems areas in mind.

Wet Wood

If you have any wet wood in your bathroom, you have a problem. Moisture attracts all kinds of pests. For insects like termites and ants, wet wood is particularly appealing because it is softer and easier to chew than dry wood. You and your plumber will need to look at what is causing the moisture and act accordingly. For example, the issue may be leaky pipes. Consider completely updating your plumbing as part of your remodel to not only fix current drips, but reduce the likelihood of future leaks. 

Cracks and Holes

Carefully inspect your bathroom for cracks and holes that could be letting in pests. Some insects take advantage of cracks in tile grout to live in your bathroom walls or flooring. If you have a problem with mice, the rodents may be getting in and out of your bathroom through holes, most likely under the sink. These holes could be a natural part of the plumbing, or a spot worn away or chewed through by the pests themselves. In either case, a remodel can get rid of holes and bring in new materials that will be much less susceptible to future pest wear and tear. When your remodel is complete (or nearing completion), you should take a look to make sure that there are no visible holes and that the caulking and all other sealing has been done properly.

Odorous Spots

Areas of your bathroom that are difficult to clean may be putting out smells that attract pests. The shower drain, for instance, may contain odors that are especially enticing. Keep in mind that you won't necessarily have noticed these smells yourself. As you prepare for your remodel, look for shapes and materials that will be easier to access and keep clear of grime, hair, and buildup from chemically based beauty products. 

Whether you are fighting a current pest problem or you simply want to take preventative measures, talk to your plumber (and any other professionals who may be involved) about your defensive options before your remodel begins. 

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