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Four Improvements To Help You Recycle Water For Outdoor Use And Irrigation

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If you want to have irrigation for your lawn and garden, you water bill is likely to increase. There are many water resources you have in your home that can give you all the water you need for outdoor uses, such as irrigation, cleaning and maintenance of your home. This can be done by things like adding rain collection to your gutters or installing a grey water system in your home for irrigation. If you want to save money on your water bills, here are some things that you can do to get the water you need for outdoor use:

1. Direct Grey Water Irrigation From Appliances

Grey water from the appliances in your home can easily be redirected to use for irrigation. This can be done be redoing the plumbing for things like washing machines. The drains for these appliances can go directly to an outdoor irrigation system to provide direct irrigation for your lawn and gardens. This is an affordable solution if you do not want to invest in costly improvement right away.

2. Grey Water Storage Tanks For More Water For Outdoor Use

If you want to have a more extensive grey water system, you can have tanks installed to collect all the grey water from your home. This will require some changes to your plumbing for water from things like sinks and appliances. You will also want to have a tank installed, and if it is buried you will also want to have a small pump installed to get the water out of the tank.

3. Simple Gutter Rain Collection Systems For Using Roof Runoff For Water

You may also want to have come cleaner water for outdoor use. This can be done with a simple rain collection system that is added to the gutters of your home. The system will consist of a diverter for the downspout and a tank to hold the water. This water can be cleaner by adding a sand and aggregate filtration system. Even though it may seem clean, it can still contain pathogens and should not be used for potable uses. It can be used for many other things, like filling a pool, watering plants and outdoor chores.

4. Landscape Drainage And Buried Tanks To Increase Rainwater Collection Capacity

In addition to collecting water from your roof, you can also use landscape drainage to collect water. This can be done by directing drainage to one area where a basin or collection tank is installed. This is a good idea if you do a lot of gardening or have a lot of land that needs irrigation. Collecting drainage runoff can greatly increase the capacity of your rain collection systems. A good tip to create a basin if you have room is to use a rubber pond liner to help retain water.

These are some things that you can do to get water for outdoor use and irrigation. If you need help with improving water conservation in your home, contact a plumbing contractor like one from Quality Plumbing Inc to get the help you need with the improvements that are going to help you save.