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Choosing The Right Toilet For Your Household's Needs

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Your toilet is one of the appliances in your home that gets the most usage. It's also used on a very personal level and accounts for about 27 percent of your home's water usage. This is why you want to have a toilet you can count on to last for years and provide you with features you find to be comfortable and to work well for your needs. If you are considering replacing your current toilet with a new one, you want to keep the information below in mind:

Consider the height of your toilet

You can choose to stick with the traditional toilet or you can go with one that's a bit taller. These taller toilets are called "comfort height" toilets. Although they only add a couple extra inches to the height of the toilet, they are easier to sit down on and stand up from for many people, especially those who have hip and knee issues.

Consider the bowl shape

Most toilets have a bowl that's considered to be round and short. However, there are also toilets with elongated bowls. These bowls are a bit longer in the front, as are their seats and lids. While some people find them more comfortable and easier to use, they can be harder to fit in small bathrooms. Therefore, you want to make sure you have the room for an elongated bowl before you choose this type of toilet.

Consider the flushing style

There are toilets that operate differently with regards to the way they flush. Make sure you choose one that operated the best way for your family.

  • A gravity flush toilet is the most popular and it works by using gravity in the tank to force the flush down. This type is good for small families.
  • A pressure-assisted toilet has a mechanism that adds more force to the flush. This toilet is good for a very high-traffic home, but it does put more wear and tear on plumbing, making it risky to use with older plumbing.
  • A vacuum-assisted toilet draws the water with more force through the use of rim holes in the upper part of the bowl. This toilet is quieter and good for most homes and families, but unclogging it does take more work than other models.

Once you choose the right toilet, you can have a plumber like Aalco-The Drain Doctor come out to install it in your bathroom for you.