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Guarantee Effective And Efficient Relief - Finding Parts For Common Home Toilet Problems

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Owning your own home means being responsible for a wide variety of maintenance tasks, but many people take some of the most important aspects of their home for granted. Having a toilet which functions properly, for example, is a vital part of being able to enjoy your space, and yet many people allow themselves to be surprised by issues and breakdowns. Luckily, your plumbing supply firm can offer you relief.

Below, you'll find a guide to some common home toilet issues and the parts you should be sure to order to solve them. Keeping this information in mind will help guarantee that you end up with a thorough repair for a low cost, along with some solid professional advice.

Trickling Water Into the Tank

A constant stream of water trickling into your toilet can cause your utility bills to skyrocket and can risk structural damage caused by leaks and other plumbing concerns. Hearing the water running constantly should be a sign that something is wrong, and you should start repairs as soon as possible.

Most frequently, water continues to run because your float is malfunctioning and not properly detecting the water level in your tank. It's also possible that the refill tube has slipped too far into the overflow tube, causing shutoff to be delayed. In either case, your plumbing supply store can provide you with a new, easy to install flow control system.

Phantom Flushes

In some malfunctioning toilets, you may notice it seeming to flush without the handle pressed. This phenomenon is known as a phantom flush, and they can lead to a great deal of water waste.

Typically, these phantom flushes occur due to some wear on the flapper or flapper seat in your tank. Once you've drained the tank and bowl, any damage to the rubber should be visible to the naked eye, and your plumbing supply firm will be able to help you find an adequate replacement.

Leaky or Broken Seals

The nightmare toilet scenario for any home owner is to find water rushing out of the base of the toilet and all over the floor of your bathroom. Unfortunately, this can occur, and you need to be ready to handle it if it does. By visiting a plumbing supply store (such as Day's Plumbing Supply Inc), you can find the right wax ring for your toilet and get advice on installing it correctly. This should address your current leakage issues and keep you dry and secure well into the future.