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Types Of Septic Tank Systems

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You may have a home that runs on a septic tank system if you are in a rural area or somewhere a sewer system is provided. If you are brand new to septic tanks, you will find that there are many different ones to choose from. Here are the different types of septic tank systems to help you decide what works best for you.

Traditional Septic Tank Systems

The first category of septic tank systems are known as the traditional systems, also called conventional systems. This provides a basic system where the wastewater goes from your home's plumbing fixtures, down the drains, and into a tank. The waste and water are then separated, allowing the solid waste to remain in the tank, and the water to exit into your drainage field. The types of traditional septic tank systems include:

Pressure distribution – The pressure distribution system use a special pump that uses air pressure to bring the wastewater from the plumbing in your home, out to the tank, and then push the wastewater out of the tank. This is ideal if your soil depth in the drainfield isn't enough to push the washer out and drain it properly.

Gravity flow – The other type of traditional septic tank system is called gravity flow. This uses nothing more than gravity to push out the wastewater from the tank and into the drainfield. If you have a slightly sloped grade, gravity will be your friend and you can use this type of system.

Advanced Treatment Septic Tank Systems

There are also advanced treatment systems available, which use more modern technology for your septic tank. These include water treatment that is done to the wastewater while it is still in the septic tank. These types include:

Sand mound – This septic tank system will discharge the solid waste and debris in the wastewater to a raised area in your drain field, which is called the sand mound. You will need very good quality soil to use a sand mound system.

Sand filters – There are also sand filters that allow the wastewater to go through sand and filter out the effluent before it goes into the drainfield.

Aerobic treatment – With an aerobic treatment system, oxygen is used to break down the solids more quickly. This also helps the microorganisms in the wastewater to break down the solids so the water that goes into the soil is cleaner.

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