Four Signs That You Need To Replace Your Old Toilet

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Most plumbing installations can either be repaired or replaced when they fail. You should know when it pays to patch up a plumbing system and when a replacement is necessary. For example, here are four signs that mean it’s time to replace your toilet: It Is Cracked Older toilets tend to develop cracks, with the tank and bowl bearing the majority of the damage. A crack in the tank is easy to detect. You just use the dye test where you lace bright colored dye in the tank, let it sit for a few minutes and check for signs of leaks or water on the floor. However, a crack on the bowl’s surface may be more difficult to diagnose, especially if it is in the internal parts of the toilet such as the P-trap. A telltale sign is the presence of odorous water around the base. Call a professional plumber, like those at Bill Rhiner’s Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, to remove the toilet for further analysis. It Uses More Than Three Gallons of Water Per Flush Toilet efficiency has risen steadily over the years. Older toilets could even use up to seven gallons of water per flush. Even if you aren’t concerned with the environmental impact of this, you should be thinking about your utility bills. Upgrading to water-efficient toilets that use less than two gallons of water per flush would assuage both concerns. It Requires Constant Repairs Has your toilet been troubling you a lot? Maybe last month it was the flush handle that was broken, and this month you are dealing with an undiagnosed leak. Sure, most of these are things that you can repair. However, if you are dealing with a truly old toilet, then it may require unique parts that are not easy to find. In that case, replacing the toilet may make more financial sense. It Doesn’t Look As Good As It Used To Even if there isn’t a fundamental damage to your toilet, you might want to replace it if it doesn’t look as good as it used to be. It’s uncomfortable to keep using a distasteful toilet every day. For example, it might be that it is scratched and has deep-seated stains that you cannot seem to get rid of despite constant scrubbing. Or it may be that you have updated most of your bathroom installations, but has never touched the toilet. Of course, the aesthetics considerations are a matter of personal choice. What you may consider to be a perfectly looking toilet may be distasteful to another person. However, when it comes to the operation of the toilet, you should always listen to your plumbing...

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Selecting The Best Bathtub

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If you want to put a new bathtub in your bathroom, then you should choose the one that’s the very best for your needs and the overall design of your bathroom. You can use the information in this article to decide what style of bathtub is going to work out the best for you. Consider possible mobility issues If you or someone in your household has a hard time getting in and out of the tub, then you should consider this when choosing a model. You can purchase a walk in bathtub that has a door in the side of it and a chair in the tub. You can also go with a shallower tub that’s going to be easier for a person with mobility issues to climb over. Choose the right shape When it comes to choosing the right bathtub, you aren’t limited to rectangular or oval shapes. You can also go with a tub that has a round shape, a square shape and even a corner shape. You want to choose a tub that compliments the entire layout of the room and fits easily in your bathroom. A simple bathroom may not be the right choice for an elaborate, round whirlpool tub. In this same respect, a classy and large bathroom is going to look odd with a very simple and traditional rectangular tub. Consider a whirlpool tub If you are looking for the ultimate bathing experience, you may want to go with a whirlpool tub. This type will allow you to enjoy more than a bath and help you to sooth aching muscles at the end of a long day. You can find whirlpool tubs with different amounts of jets, adjustable jets and more. Choose the right faucet A cheap faucet can make even the nicest bathtub look like it’s a cheaper model. A high-quality, great looking faucet will give your tub a fancy look that adds an extra touch to the look of the bathroom. Choose a faucet that’s not made of plastic, these faucets will break relatively easily and need to be replaced often. Once you choose the best bathtub for your bathroom, you should consider having a professional plumbing contractor come out to install it. Changing bathtubs is an involved job most people aren’t prepared for. Once you have your new bathtub in place you can enjoy more comfortable baths and a better looking...

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Boiler Blockage: Why You Do NOT Want To Perform Your Own Heating Repair

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Boiler blockage is not an uncommon problem, especially when you swap out an old boiler for a new one. Typically, what blocked up the old boiler will cause your new boiler to block up too, creating a lot of frustration and extra heating repair calls to fix the problem. Particles of rust, magnatite and other hard water minerals create not only a problematic block in your boiler’s pipes and heat exchanger plate, but also present a very dangerous situation that could cause your boiler to blow. There are some very valid reasons why you do NOT want to perform this type of heating repair yourself. Built up Pressure and Boiling Water Equals Burns Plumbers know how to reduce the pressure inside a blocked boiler so that when they open up the system to check the heat exchanger they are not burned by the boiled water behind the blockage. Since you do not have the same training, attempting to release the pressure yourself, or opening the boiler up to perform your own repairs, will result in first, second, and/or third degree burns. Save yourself a trip to the emergency room and hire a plumbing and heating expert. It is less expensive than the trip to the ER and less painful too. You Do Not Have the Correct Tools  Blocked boiler lines can be flushed, but not by hooking your garden hose up to some port and turning the water on. Most of the tools you have available to you in your home are not the tools a professional would use to fix the problem, nor are they the tools a professional would recommend even if you had the skills to fix your boiler yourself. Using the incorrect tools with a lack of skills can cause more damage to your boiler, which translates into an even bigger bill when you finally break down and call a plumber to fix your boiler. Disassembled and Reassembled Boilers Require Accuracy If you are the type of person who takes something apart, puts it back together and then has leftover parts, you definitely should not be doing your own heating repairs. Boilers and their parts, especially where the heat exchangers and blockages are concerned, need to be put back together correctly. Missing a part or missing a step could equal a major disaster for both you and the boiler. Following a DIY article from the internet is not a guarantee that you will be able to accomplish the job like a pro either. Call a plumber to get the job done...

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Great Points To Maintaining Your Water Heater

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While you need to be sure that you’re able to take good care of your plumbing, it is important that you prioritize water heater maintenance. By following tips and techniques that will get the most out of your water heater, you’ll have the opportunity to safeguard your plumbing, while keeping your property value secure. Read on to learn the best ways to take good care of your hot water heater.  #1: Conduct Little Fixes For Long Term Efficiency The efficiency of your hot water heater can be upgraded exponentially by simply performing a few simple fixes. For one, you’ll notice a drop in your energy bills if you insulate your hot water heater tank. Insulation will make it much easier for your heater to function, while expending much less energy. Furthermore, you can get better performance by flushing the entire tank once per year, and replacing the anode rod. By following these steps, you’ll be able to keep the important components of your hot water heater in the best condition for as long as you are using it.  #2: Learn To Check The Pressure Of Your Hot Water Heater Gauging the pressure of your water heater is one of the most critical things you will need to master. This begins with learning how to inspect your system’s pressure valve. You will need this valve in the best condition, since it releases pressure and saves the entire system in the case of an emergency. To check the valve, you will need to locate the trip lever and employ it. When you employ the valve, you should see steam emit from the system — a sign that the pressure valve is in working condition. If it is not, you’ll need to get it replaced by a water heater contractor, like Buchner Bernie Inc, as quickly as possible.  #3: Leave It To The Pros By Getting A Service Plan  In order to keep your water heater in the best condition, you should buy a maintenance plan that lets you get all of the necessary repairs. These water heater contractors will schedule periodic repairs for you, so that you can get all of the assistance that will keep the equipment in the best condition. By getting the best service plan, you’ll have help from a pro, to protect your investment in your water heater.  Keep these three points in mind and use them, for the betterment of your water...

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Vacation Rentals–Keeping Guests Happy And Drains Unclogged

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If you own a vacation rental home, oftentimes guests will expect everything to be in working order or at least to the level they are accustomed. This might lead to an array of plumbing issues in an older home. If you are constantly getting calls from your house guests about clogged drains and paying for emergency plumbers, here are four tips to keep drains clean and guests happy. 1. List off the Limitations of the Home’s Plumbing If your rental home has a septic tank or is in an older building that has 100 year old pipes, someone coming from a modern home might not understand possible plumbing limitations. Be sure to mention this and advise for guests to keep drain catchers in place and not to put feminine hygiene products down the toilet. This can be outlined in a welcome email or instruction manual at the house. 2. Label Your Garbage Disposal Some folks might not have a garbage disposal back at home, and might think that everything can just go down the drain when preparing meals. Especially if your plumbing is older or your garbage disposal isn’t brand new, leave up a few guidelines to help your guests. Reminders to try to compost as much as possible, especially eggshells and coffee grinds, will help alleviate drain clogs. 3. Rules for the Pool If your rental home has a pool or hot tub, encourage guests to shower beforehand and to keep hair up. This will keep your filter clear and keep hair from clogging the drain. Hot tub and pool drain clogs can be hard to fix and can involve a pool specialist rather than a plumber. Guests won’t understand that they may have actually caused the blockage leading to murky water and complaints. 4. General Maintenance Part of the cleaning and prepping process in between guests should also be to check drains and toilets to make sure everything is in working order. If some quick liquid drain cleaner can keep things flowing, this is a good idea between visits. If there are larger plumbing issues that you have been putting off, such as multiple clogged drains or water backing up into other plumbing, have a professional come out and help troubleshoot your issues. Emergencies are going to happen, and your plumber might have to make some emergency visits here and there to a vacation rental. The more that you can do to educate your guests on common problems and do your part with upkeep, the better time your vacation renters will have. To learn more, contact a drain cleaning professional like Doctor...

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